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fanart commissions
Double Shot pony oc request by dango117
fluttershy quick art by dango117
jack Noir by dango117
mane six request by dango117
redraw octo by dango117
quick single sketches (black and white)
bust: 10 points
body: 15 points
couples bust: 25
couple body:30

bust: 20
body: 25
couple bust: 30
couple full body: 35
as part of not stealing the original creators artwork i must put belongs to this creator.  ocs are accepted but the prices are still the same but for chibi version i would just charge 5 points. commet of shoot a note for questions and go by prie by disscribtion
troll commissions
feferi doodle by dango117
sollux captor piionic by dango117
Merstuck! tellis baikal by dango117
aradia godtier sketch by dango117
troll persona: Zeta Oksana by dango117
grubs: about lowest 5 points but if you want a high shading colored version then about 15 points
black and white full version: about 15 lowest for a single troll but high quality about 25 point for a single troll. 45 points for a high quality troll ships.
colored: lowest 25 per troll but high quality shading is 45 per troll but with and extra troll is 15 more points
ocs are accepted as same as fanart but i have to label it belongs to andrew hussie each time. as well as if you want me to disign an oc for you whenever you used them please say it belongs to me. unless you already drew it and requested a ramp up of tht original. then you dont have to. 
*just ignore the bottom where it says 30 points and just pay by the prices above  . trying to make artwork more affordable but also worth something too.*



*trying to type while having carpool uge!) anyways i have to say other then the sudden burst of boobs for a sec i have to say the linea...

Helicarrier by dragonis1

*note this is from an art major undergrad's constructive critic. please dont take it to heart and pretty much helping you improve any u...

this was a really good try on the challenge i admit but the blending on the cape could be alittle better*dont ask me why wrinkles on cl...

Fluttercry by Tigerfestivals

it looks pretty good for the style of ML*though i dont acually watch the show. i know someone who is though* but that doesnt mean i can...




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Ok another tale for you guys,
Yes this is a time skip from the usual tales but sit you’re a** down. Again?! Seriously. Whatever. Anyways you see me and the guy in the hole, ended up being a scientist/ being host of another being, hulk called Bruse banner. Now bruce with his slightly curly hair, gentle dusty brown eyes and slight carmel skin Bruce, wasn’t really a crowd person. More of the “ get the hell away from any crowd before getting exhausted from all the energy.” Kinda guy. Being a semi worker for shield and him being an avenger didn’t make things any easier to  slide a conversation with Dr. banner.  Especially when most of them think I’m  a trouble maker that can set an  attack at any moment like a time bomb. For the most part when most vengers cross me usually hold small conversations. Ecept thor, man that guy  is the most tolerate of all galaxies. Anys off topic here, back to bruce. Right when doing a shirld mission for a year and half gave me full access to the tower. Which tells one thing- my golden chance to talk to the person I meet in the creator. How I found out he was banner? Easy, just asked fury. Sure he scolded me by me meeting him there and all but it was totally worth it. So other then that it was a usual night in the tower. Everyone of the avengers were either turning in for the night or coming together to watch a movie.pretty standard for a group of people. All except bruce though. Which kinda made me curious why rat race didn’t interested him at all .already watched this movie about 20 times I decided to snack away from the movie group to investigate. To my luck though this was an easy find  dispite the 15 floors of rooms in the whole fudge tower.  Now your going to replace my words? Fudge you writer. Just fudge you and your sweet confectionary goose caker. Readers should be able to handle deadpools fudging language. Just saying. Anyways, I eneded up finding bruce in the lab hard at work. glasses off put to the side, right head placed on one side of his head while his left did some not taking as he observed through a micro scope it seems. Sigh only slightly as he muttered a few calculations before writing more. Usually labs are on lock down but being the tower is protected on the outside as it is like a military base it was easy to get in with my merc movements ingrained through me for a decade. So slipping in was a piece of cake in which most grabbed a wheely seat quietly up until like usual trip on my usual thin air trcks. Yes this merc can be a clutz. Causing a light noise that instantly made bruce break from his concentration and turned to where the source was. So much for a surprise
“ is there a message from shield? Knocking would’ve been best.” Bruce said as he replaced his glasses on his nose bridge. God I never thought people with glasses could look so attractive when placing glasses. Suger cookies.
“ just thought I would drop by since rat race isn’t your thing and all.”
Suger cookies I was an idoit.
“ ive seen that movie a couple of times. I felt working on these equations for the radio wave scan was more important. And you?” bruce replied.
“ seen it about 20 times. I mean as much asi like thors laughter going through 5 halls it kinda got dry.”
“ hard core fan?”
“ na, just a huge fan of Mr. Bean and all.”
“ ah I see, “ bruce said. His shoulders lesson a bit from the tension. Phew glad hes getting omfortable.
“ deadpool was it?”
“ one and only. Your Dr. banner?”
“ yes, actually, Usually people know me through the other guy’s name. its kinda a breath of freash  air that the green giant jokes or being a weapon isn’t thrown around.”
“ everyone is a person to me. Besides your other half and you are way better then the jolly green giant from the frozen vegetable commerials any day. “
Bruce smiles a bit and says” thanks. I appreciate that Deadpool.” God the way he lets that name off the lips and smiles. Holy  cupcakes it sounds like honey. Being a nervious fudge I was I said
“ so I should prouobly leave you to work right?”
“ yeah. These results are important for our mission. If your interested in wavelegnths your free to stay Just cant talk much.”

“Whatever floats your boat dr. banner”
“ please just call me banner”
That my friends is when a beautiful thing called friendship came to terms. I quietly let him work as we fro brief peroids of times discussed more about ourselves. Learing little by little at a extremely slow pace about one another. I usually get ticked by this but not so much now. Now so much that I was falling for my new friends smile like a fat kid on candy. Damn how can someone so interesting be so mistrusted a lot?
banner pool- from inside out- chats in the lab
yes another bannerpool (deadpool/bruce banner)fanfic for all to read here! :D note this is in deadpool's prospective and maybe a crack ship to one. this to me has some chemistry and who wouldnt have alittle fun with creating a new ship? enjoy~

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Love comes in many-
Life is like a-
No no forest gump either.
This is going to be one way story telling done in the good old fashion vocal cords from the merc yours truly.
Not the normal way of telling a tale huh? Sorry but anyone who wants a classic internetstory go to the fanfic forums. Some are actiually pretty good.this isn’t what im going to tell you though fellow reader. Yes your in this too. This is going to be a tale of meeting someone….I met that changed me.
Before we go into the life stories lets back drop for the good ol’ background story.
Don’t worry this is short.
1) had a not so pleasant family life
2) got cancer at age 18ish and went into an expirament that ended up not only have unbelievable healing factors but also made me a scarred hell of a f*ck.
Seriously writer?
Your going to sensor my a**?
God your annoying for the children’s sake and all.
Besides my constant b****** lets go on.
3) went on as a mercenary after training with fury for about 2 months at age 19
yeah I know kinda a stretch huh? Being 25 is not really something one roots for. More of onethinks of f*** mid life crisis.  To me it wasn’t quite like that. This whole event happened right in the middle of my usual merc mission in terms of putting the local head counts in there place. Barrels flying, swords glistening and rivier upin rivers of crimson blood flew into the brick back alley ways of central new york. Throwing my usual smart a** remarks when being in speed with my enemty agility wise. All was great except the fact that I didn’t know the avengers- rular of all new york and super force had there very own conquest in central new york. Defeating and beating the usual out worldly monsters that came from worm holes. How the f** out of all places the aliens chooses new york anyways?
Usually I could care less about them being around. Heck its rare to see them in public like this fighting off like it’s the end of the world but that’s just screen writers for you there.  So out of being partially board and noticing the settling in the dust I decided to scout around in the area. Seeing if maybe I can bump into tony stark again or something like that. To each to my own luck though- 1 was way off the battlefield and too late. All that surrounded my scarlet red and black combat boots were just shard of concrete  scatters around the side walk. Giving out a sigh in disappointment I looked through the mess to see if I there was anything to clean up. God knows spider-man would have a fit having to do this solo and all. Through looking around I noticed a small  deep crator. About the radious of half a semi truck in prospective? Thinking they might be scraps of metal of the now wrecked alien ships I thought that was the best way to start.  Jumping from the edge to slip in the center of it. Of course olling a bit down due to not so graceful landing. You had one job boots. Now I know what your thinking” Wilson whats the whole point? Like dude why is metal so damn important?”  well s** calm down . some readers are impatient. What was in that hole was not what I expected. It wa actually instead of a bunch of metal and alien blood spattered everywhere was a guy. Half naked, ruffled thick brown hair, slightly rtanned man with strands of dark brown hair trailing from the center of his chest down to his now over stretched, ribbed jeans. The only though that came across my mind was “s*** the hulk really got someone this time” you see. Me and hulk we first meeting me nearly tore me to little pieces just from throwing a fuse at  him to distract him while I go upon my mission. S** don’t underestimate hulk trust me that happened 2 weeks before this.s** took me 2 days to heal completely with the healing effect. So feeling bad for the guy the first thing I did was to place my first right two forfigures onto the guys left side of his neck to check pulse. Mercs job to learn this tomake sure the target is gone. Part of the trade. Upon doing this the guy while I was distracted woke up and took a light hold on one of my wrist. Making us meet in contact. Oooh the awkwardness on how brown met costume white there. Made both of us jump a foot or two .  the guy noticed his condition and instantly convered him self. Looking down at the ground away from me and lets out a disappointed sigh after browsing the scene. Instead of me just leaving I just had to open my big merc mouth.” Pretty lucky to survive from this ,ess huh?”  the guys reaction was a slight glare and started to depart. What an idoit. To recover my self I went up to him trying to help him get up. Taking that he was struggling a bit to get balance but upon me trying has said something in a mutter like” stay away, im fine. “ making me for the very first time ever in all deadpool history-shut up. I fricking shut up like a b*** just from something so quiet and brief. As if the air around me was consumed by both smoke and silence. Now your thinking- wade, you going to contienue this? Oh course I am dear inpatient reader!  Its just at that moment as soon as I shut up I thought it was best to leave the guy to his own devices. No matter how much he looked like he needed it. Gotta respect a man’s  choices you know?  I did find him interesting though. I mean like a guy from a crator that survived hulk has got quite a tale right? That’s what I thought at the time. Little did I know though through this first brief incident that this was going to shift me in any form. I’m deadpool for crying out loud, its hard to keep me down. As well as a slow pace of story telling but this time stoy reader of mine. This has to take its time. The turtle wins the race after all.
bannerpool- from inside out part one: Crator
this si my first banner pool fanfic in existance! i know totally crakced to most marvel fans but thought it would be fun at the same time :D this is deadpool's view. so there is a ton ogf fourth wall breaking here. more like him telling tales. enjoy~
watched  an episode and man i forgot how much i missed it! damn destiel feels
guess who got back into supernatural again! :D
so high on caffine from a rosemary and honey latte from strange matter coffee shop! :D totally worth it and way better then starbuck!!!!!! sorry for not coming here alot lovely fallowers. tumblr has me in its clutches!
hey guys!,

want to have a drawing of your favorite charecter/ ship? want a review of either a movie or show? want a love letter made for a special someone for valentines day?or a scripted Jake english  voice over? have no fear the monthly commissions are in! im not putting a price tag on each commission made but do need some points in general ir an art trade. whatever much you want to do im completly cool with. note due to college i may be a bit slow but will make it regardless!since theres only five slots its first come first serve. more commissions will come out with the prizes for the valentines day contest later on but to claim a spot just either message me here or send a note in which ever is most comfortable.

1) open
2) open
4) open 

cant wait for the challenge of trying to do all this for my lovely fallowers! :D have fun (note the video belongs to there rightful owner/maker. its for entertainment reasons)
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this donation is going for the autistic angels. i figured this group would need it more then me so as a way of helping spread knowledge of autism, helping autistics unite, and basically pass it forward. this will be a great help for you guys to do not to mention bring a big help at the same time. :)

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Rebecca Wilson
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United States
hello visitor!,
I'm an artistic derp women and not afraid to show it!. i have a burning passion for anything humorous, nature, comics/fandoms, the arts and writing. i try to do my best to help others as well as trying to be a shoulder to a friend who needs it. i am autistic so i might be obvious sometimes but that doesnt stop me for the casual goals of letting these passions turn into a career and settle down with a family someday. its a pleasure to meet you and hope you stick around :)…
title: page of hope

<center style="font-family: Times New Roman, Times, serif; font-size: 1.20em; font-weight: bold; color: #d75116;">Certificate: Test results</center>
<center style="font-family: Times New Roman, Times, serif; font-size: 1.20em; font-weight: bold; color: #d75116;">Which My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Character are you?</center>

1001You are........Pinkie Pie! You always see the bright side in everything! You are always cheery! You also love to party and make everypony especially your friends smile! Your Element of Harmony is Laughter!
out of the alpha kids most like:You are most like Jake! You'd much rather go out adventuring and see new things than watch tv all day (although you do like the occasionaladventure movie with an attractive blue skinned lady or spidergirl). You aren't very assertive and are socially clueless. You're kind of dense, and don't understand the hints people give in conversations about how they must feel. Maybe it's because you don't spend a lot of time around people. You enjoy being alone and, for this reason, you are unintentionally self-centered. Just remember to keep your friends in mind and clue in to social hints!
trollwise:You got Karkat, his ancestor is the sufferer or the sign less who was executed for the mutant color of his blood.
Karkat is angry almost all the time, his anger stems from the great anger of his long passed ancestors anger as he was executed.

out of the beta kids:Jade
Congratulations, you are a Jade! You are adorable and fun-loving. Your friendly nature attracts a lot of friends, and although you try to be kind to everyone, you only have a few really close friends whom you would do anything for. You spend a lot of time alone, however, pursuing your various hobbies, which include gardening, playing bass guitar, and engaging in a completely innocent furry fandom. You love cute things, like Squiddles, and you are definitely a dog person. There is more to you than sunshine and rainbows, though- you are scary talented with a gun (though you are not an advocate of violence) and you notice a lot of things about the world that most other people do not. You are a very quirky, unique person.

nightvale wise:

Congrats! You are Cecil! You are very passionate, caring, and a good public speaker. You can sometimes let your temper get the best of you, but usually it's just in defense of those you love. You are a people person, but not annoyingly so. Lots of people love you, so keep doing... whatever it is you're doing!

for supernatural fans wondering what species i am.....
Not quite little Mr. or Ms. Perfect, but definitely near the mark! Angels are known for their wisdom and leadership skills. While sometimes they're stereotyped as innocent and naive, in reality, they've seen it all. As an angel, you tend to react to difficult situations in the best way you know possible. If you see someone doing something that could endanger them, you're totally honest and do whatever you can to help. You strive your best at everything you attempt and aim to produce high-quality work. Best of all, you're content with your character - sweet, honest, brave, and almost perfect!


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