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fanart commissions
Double Shot pony oc request by dango117
fluttershy quick art by dango117
jack Noir by dango117
mane six request by dango117
redraw octo by dango117
quick single sketches (black and white)
bust: 10 points
body: 15 points
couples bust: 25
couple body:30

bust: 20
body: 25
couple bust: 30
couple full body: 35
as part of not stealing the original creators artwork i must put belongs to this creator.  ocs are accepted but the prices are still the same but for chibi version i would just charge 5 points. commet of shoot a note for questions and go by prie by disscribtion
troll commissions
feferi doodle by dango117
sollux captor piionic by dango117
Merstuck! tellis baikal by dango117
aradia godtier sketch by dango117
troll persona: Zeta Oksana by dango117
grubs: about lowest 5 points but if you want a high shading colored version then about 15 points
black and white full version: about 15 lowest for a single troll but high quality about 25 point for a single troll. 45 points for a high quality troll ships.
colored: lowest 25 per troll but high quality shading is 45 per troll but with and extra troll is 15 more points
ocs are accepted as same as fanart but i have to label it belongs to andrew hussie each time. as well as if you want me to disign an oc for you whenever you used them please say it belongs to me. unless you already drew it and requested a ramp up of tht original. then you dont have to. 
*just ignore the bottom where it says 30 points and just pay by the prices above  . trying to make artwork more affordable but also worth something too.*



*trying to type while having carpool uge!) anyways i have to say other then the sudden burst of boobs for a sec i have to say the linea...

Helicarrier by dragonis1

*note this is from an art major undergrad's constructive critic. please dont take it to heart and pretty much helping you improve any u...

this was a really good try on the challenge i admit but the blending on the cape could be alittle better*dont ask me why wrinkles on cl...

Fluttercry by Tigerfestivals

it looks pretty good for the style of ML*though i dont acually watch the show. i know someone who is though* but that doesnt mean i can...




Dear one who always had my back
Silent but always kept track.
Dear one that was an enemy to the core,
Letting jelousy take his role.
Dear one who wants to forget it all,
Take the current in all its been through all along
Dear one who wants to keep me worry free,
Taking numbers and confronts to his own handles to needs.
Dear one I became moirail in about a week.
Striving, fighting and even confiding all those emotions he usually kept under lock and key.
Dear one who wants is willing to take things slow,
Listening, advising and even pushing me out of confort zone to make the most of me as a whole.
Dear one who doesn’t mind being protective,
Putting an end in something that would otherwise be a train wreck for me.
Dear one who is still a mystery to me,
But still embraces me when a single feeling of doubt is in place for the day.
Dear heir of breath,
The king of tricksters,
Let me help you become a better self,
Then always being by yourself.
dear heir of breath
a simple poem i written basically :) ebjoy
Hope Chiniclescomic title of hope chronicles by dango117
Hope Chiniclescomic title of hope chronicles
this is for a mini fancomic im doing basically. to read the part 1 thats up and running please visit my tumblr page if interested :) note all charecters/ main plot belong to 
Andrew hussie.
Dirk Jake Kiss
 this is a shippy work i did fofr a commission- yes i'm feeding the dirkjake fanart fire before  homestuck ends. this was a challenge for me due to doing this always made me nervious. but yes i think of dirk having strawberry blonde hair and freckles . these two of course belong to hussie but if you guys want me to draw a ship let me know :)  for those who dont like boy x boy stuff please dont spam with hate comments
dirk strider tangotop by dango117
dirk strider tangotop
heres some digital coloring i did of dirk strider a bit. yep  ithink of him more as a strawberry blonde that under the shades is pretty tired. dirk belongs to hussie of course
proubly just going to do a redo but heck if you want something different dirkjake let me know :D

hey guys!,

i dont usually rant or usually just reblog stuff but i have to tell this tale in terms of saying something. mainly for those who may know someone who just either may have found out about there gender or sexuality not to long ago. yes, tumblr is usually full of complaints but this is more like a true story that unfolded.

(story time)

i found out i wasnt in the binary gender wise ever since around december. trying to let my friends know pronouns or explain what it is since most of the time apparently its unicorn status of being of my best friends who i even considered my morail, well due to short term memory kinda had to explain it a couple times. which is fine. 

this is where the point comes in 

for a point of two times she came up to me and said” can you quit with the whole bigender/genderfluid stuff?” which both times instead of letting it in like the nice person i usually am snapped at her. saying its a part of me and you cant really change me a two spirit in one body kinda thing. thinking that these moments i craxk would mean something. it was proven in vain when last night she sent me a voicemail saying this-

“ i know you have memory problems and all but me saying quit with the gender stuff had to be done. the how bigender thing is just plain gross.”

during this time listening to this voicemail my sister, who actually accepted my gender told me right before i can finish the voicemail first told me to delete and stop the voice mail. having nothing but pure rage seeping through her usual understandinfg nature. pretty much taking my phone and leaving my sappose best friend a long voice mail back saying how dare you say that! thats like saying you vant be your true self just for your own comfort. if your that ignorant not to accept for someone for who they are you will not get far in this life. you need to reeducate and take this in for the next person in line. (insert my real name here) is already going through hell and doesnt need this from someone as arrogent and selfish s yourself. hanging up the phone telling me that she apoligized for not asking me if me and kacie were still friends or not. 

whats the point to this story/rant?

for those who maybe just relized themselves more in terms of either gender, sexuality, race, disability, and the many more things i forgot to list you need to research it. if you really care for someone either platonic or romantic please take a couple minutes to open up to learn from them, not just accept the label and calling it gross after words. it feels horrible when someone says to you that you thought were close that your true self, is disgusting. it is not the person to keep in your life and if the one reading it has done this- shame on you. telling one that is like saying “ hey, go jump off a bridge” kinda feel. sure, it might be uncomfortable at thime though once hitting the books if you really care for them- it wouldnt phase you. in this case she did and i dont have any platonic feelings for this friend anymore. more or less felt like she used me and called me disgusting. what a way to mess up being friends with someone who listens to every problem and helps you become more confident. by learning this story i can only hope this doesnt happen to anyone else. let along someone you thought was you best friend soul mate. if something similar lie this has happen to you, feel free to talk to me and dont let these people define you. you are who you are. nothing else matters but loving yourself in this. even if its strange to others who really cares is yourself.


dango117 has started a donation pool!
6 / 1,000
this donation is going for the autistic angels. i figured this group would need it more then me so as a way of helping spread knowledge of autism, helping autistics unite, and basically pass it forward. this will be a great help for you guys to do not to mention bring a big help at the same time. :)

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Rebecca Wilson
Artist | Student | Other
United States
hello visitor!,
I'm an artistic derp women and not afraid to show it!. i have a burning passion for anything humorous, nature, comics/fandoms, the arts and writing. i try to do my best to help others as well as trying to be a shoulder to a friend who needs it. i am autistic so i might be obvious sometimes but that doesnt stop me for the casual goals of letting these passions turn into a career and settle down with a family someday. its a pleasure to meet you and hope you stick around :)…
title: page of hope

<center style="font-family: Times New Roman, Times, serif; font-size: 1.20em; font-weight: bold; color: #d75116;">Certificate: Test results</center>
<center style="font-family: Times New Roman, Times, serif; font-size: 1.20em; font-weight: bold; color: #d75116;">Which My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Character are you?</center>

1001You are........Pinkie Pie! You always see the bright side in everything! You are always cheery! You also love to party and make everypony especially your friends smile! Your Element of Harmony is Laughter!
out of the alpha kids most like:You are most like Jake! You'd much rather go out adventuring and see new things than watch tv all day (although you do like the occasionaladventure movie with an attractive blue skinned lady or spidergirl). You aren't very assertive and are socially clueless. You're kind of dense, and don't understand the hints people give in conversations about how they must feel. Maybe it's because you don't spend a lot of time around people. You enjoy being alone and, for this reason, you are unintentionally self-centered. Just remember to keep your friends in mind and clue in to social hints!
trollwise:You got Karkat, his ancestor is the sufferer or the sign less who was executed for the mutant color of his blood.
Karkat is angry almost all the time, his anger stems from the great anger of his long passed ancestors anger as he was executed.

out of the beta kids:Jade
Congratulations, you are a Jade! You are adorable and fun-loving. Your friendly nature attracts a lot of friends, and although you try to be kind to everyone, you only have a few really close friends whom you would do anything for. You spend a lot of time alone, however, pursuing your various hobbies, which include gardening, playing bass guitar, and engaging in a completely innocent furry fandom. You love cute things, like Squiddles, and you are definitely a dog person. There is more to you than sunshine and rainbows, though- you are scary talented with a gun (though you are not an advocate of violence) and you notice a lot of things about the world that most other people do not. You are a very quirky, unique person.

nightvale wise:

Congrats! You are Cecil! You are very passionate, caring, and a good public speaker. You can sometimes let your temper get the best of you, but usually it's just in defense of those you love. You are a people person, but not annoyingly so. Lots of people love you, so keep doing... whatever it is you're doing!

for supernatural fans wondering what species i am.....
Not quite little Mr. or Ms. Perfect, but definitely near the mark! Angels are known for their wisdom and leadership skills. While sometimes they're stereotyped as innocent and naive, in reality, they've seen it all. As an angel, you tend to react to difficult situations in the best way you know possible. If you see someone doing something that could endanger them, you're totally honest and do whatever you can to help. You strive your best at everything you attempt and aim to produce high-quality work. Best of all, you're content with your character - sweet, honest, brave, and almost perfect!


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