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fanart commissions
Double Shot pony oc request by dango117
fluttershy quick art by dango117
jack Noir by dango117
mane six request by dango117
redraw octo by dango117
quick single sketches (black and white)
bust: 10 points
body: 15 points
couples bust: 25
couple body:30

bust: 20
body: 25
couple bust: 30
couple full body: 35
as part of not stealing the original creators artwork i must put belongs to this creator.  ocs are accepted but the prices are still the same but for chibi version i would just charge 5 points. commet of shoot a note for questions and go by prie by disscribtion
troll commissions
feferi doodle by dango117
sollux captor piionic by dango117
Merstuck! tellis baikal by dango117
aradia godtier sketch by dango117
troll persona: Zeta Oksana by dango117
grubs: about lowest 5 points but if you want a high shading colored version then about 15 points
black and white full version: about 15 lowest for a single troll but high quality about 25 point for a single troll. 45 points for a high quality troll ships.
colored: lowest 25 per troll but high quality shading is 45 per troll but with and extra troll is 15 more points
ocs are accepted as same as fanart but i have to label it belongs to andrew hussie each time. as well as if you want me to disign an oc for you whenever you used them please say it belongs to me. unless you already drew it and requested a ramp up of tht original. then you dont have to. 
*just ignore the bottom where it says 30 points and just pay by the prices above  . trying to make artwork more affordable but also worth something too.*



*trying to type while having carpool uge!) anyways i have to say other then the sudden burst of boobs for a sec i have to say the linea...

Helicarrier by dragonis1

*note this is from an art major undergrad's constructive critic. please dont take it to heart and pretty much helping you improve any u...

[Homestuck] The Signless (really need critiques) by ShikuCrab

this was a really good try on the challenge i admit but the blending on the cape could be alittle better*dont ask me why wrinkles on cl...

Fluttercry by Tigerfestivals

it looks pretty good for the style of ML*though i dont acually watch the show. i know someone who is though* but that doesnt mean i can...


Hey guys I just thought of something in terms of how people with mental of physical disabilities ( like myself) tend to hide there flaw like it's some kinda plague. I got inspired to talk about this from researching daredevil-  a blind superhero.  Like let's face it from experience whenever I tell people I'm autistic ( high functioning)  they either say the fallowing-" you don't look autistic?" " really? I didn't notice."  " what's it like to have autism?" ( the last one here can be polite and rude depending on the tone)  as well as one of the two fallowing actions- 1) leave you alone thinking I might get upset easier 2)  treat me like I'm an idiot 3) don't associate whatso ever just because I'm different and ask someone else or 4) never speak to me again afterwords. This is the reason lady and gentleman that I don't wear either any identification stating I'm autstic or when I do break down just hide in a corner because it's embarrassing as heck. I know this is a part of me and shouldn't think of having these disabilities are just tumors or cancer to society. That letting this part of me out risks me possibly ending an relationship. Yes, I can socialize with people and much older then the age range for autism but for the longest time in my life span no one can tell me what was wrong thriugh being tested. Studies show woman are hArder to detect since people mainly think it's mostly a children young boys situation. So me being detected late is not nessarily mean I was doomed from the start . It boggles me how a disability so vast people tend to shove it's bare bones into a box because it's something people didn't give to chance to educate by interviewing every person with this. High function or not.  It's not just this disability that most who have it tend to hide it but like scizolhenia( can't sleep it for the life of me) most people generalized having numerous voices in there head means here the next cereal killer. There hundreds more I can fit into this situation as well to find that most people with any of these things are afraid to step into the sunlight with this part of them and think it's some hinder. Yes there are those who beat he odds like Murdock and soul surfer that just got up and still do what they love. People I wish there was more of who are not afraid to show who there are and stop with society putting everyone in a box. Like seriously, you can't tell Murdock he can't be daredevil because he's blind meaning he can't fight. It's the same as me being autistic doesn't mean I'm a loveless childish women who can never socialize. Shouldn't all people for whatever they have should be encourage just to be themselves and live with whatever hey. Have in peace? Bad enough that we have an extra rock in our backs but who's the blame? Just get up pack up and move on . To me here's no such thing as a normal person though society thinks here is a foawless person. No ones perfect even if you try fixing them. They'll be rotten somehow weither we like it or not. So pleas if you meet someone who has a disability do not treat them like freaks ( me included ) but much rather like human beings. Thank you and wish you all well
Rant: why do we have to keep flaws in covers?
This is a rant basing on how people with any disability are pretty much treated in the public eye. I'm considered blessed by not having obvious signs that I am autistic but it still peeves me when I do tell them and how they react. My apologies if I offended anyone from this rant and is basically opion. If I am incorrect with things or missed sketching out constructively let me know. As for trolls well you guys are a waste of space :)
Hey guys!, currently my labtop is in a shop for awhile so making journals on my phone is nearly impossible ugh! Any who for both shuto con and an upcoming costume contest I want to cosplay something iconic so not only do I have fun in it but hopefully get the first place as well. So I thought, why not marvel? You want to be a comic artists , why not be a comic charecter. Since I'm still green on the comic world i chose some characters that I like and based my choice on how well do I know this charecter as well as even if it's possible to pull off for a college student like myself. Which long story short came down to two characters from the series young avengers. Me being short i can pull off being a young avenger. The only problem is with this is between two favorites : Wiccan - or his real name being billy  that is related to scarlet witch or hulkling- also known as teddy being son of both captain marvel and royality of the skeull( hope I'm spelling that right).  These two I really enjoy there back stories as well as there own interactions on being both geeks as well as having a deep tie between eachother even after they temporally broke up. As a couple they inspired me that even though things get rough you gotta just forgive mistakes and do whatever it takes. While as just sole charecters Wiccan inspired me in points that: yes some choices aren't the best but as long as you learn from it and have someone to help pick the pieces you can always move on even if it's hard at first. While hulkling taught me to be strong to your dear ones and sometimes you need help from others in times of either personal problems or just in general as much as you don't want to admit it. That sometimes the best thing to get through everything Is the right people your with being yourself and just go with what you got. Which makes the decision even harder. Like as for design wise there both are pretty much I can accomplish but is still indecisive. I mean if I was doing a couple cosplay with my love interest on this it would be very easy but this year I want to give him free choice on his cosplay. to each there own. Appearance wise, I'm short, have naturally blonde hair to the point people ask me all the time if it's dyed( which is annoying.)  a couple of beauty marks, pretty average weight wise. Though I don't really care body type match cosplay at all but it gives this question easier for all my viewers out there. Between the mystic Wiccan and the shapeshifting hulkling which young avenger do you think I can pull off the best to not only win the costume contest but be easier for people to reconize?
young avenger cosplay help!
Hey guys! This is basically asking all of devainart which cosplay of the young avengers I can pull off more.
Spider-Man : first marvel drawing style attempt by dango117
Spider-Man : first marvel drawing style attempt
Hey guys! This is my first time drawing an art style I've always been intimidated by but love. I chose Peter Parker as my first due to him being my childhood hero. He belongs to marvel and I know it's not accurate but it's really good for a first attempt :D
To all my comic/ geeky fans make or female I need to address something that every one proubly has notice: the number of times people have called female geeks of the comic world " fake female geeks"  and that comics actually be a boys club since its release. Put down that Spider-Man comic and let me tell you something fellow fans who say that. Comics were something that started out as either to advertise a product or a satire for women to laugh at the daily struggles of being a women was entitled until world war 1 hit where markets were low and the need for war bonds and soldiers were needed. That's where the famous captain America set foot and the stage of stereotype began . To be honest this whole boy club thing is outdated as well as look every community needs fans. Weither make or female we need them to keep it alive. They are male and female fake nerds due to either Big Bang theory or just to get attention. Let's face it though all subcultures have this problem. This isn't something new. Labeling every girl can fake or testing them like gandoff at every con or comic store is not cool towards fellow fans . It's like me once being a know. Comic artist  set up a booth of signing my latest issue of my comic and only selling and signing it to kids who know Spider-Man heart to heart. As well as what about beginner fans or people who just like one series? Don't hate them because they only like and know deadpool by heart come in! This isn't some exclusive club were all nerds. Look, all I'm saying here is great your fellow fans with respect as you would want to be treated. Don't stare down at a women going to the comic book store just to browse to see the most interesting issue of Incredible Hulk. Like it or not like dr banner I rage about this kinda thugs of mistreatment. We're all family in a sense and  shouldn't flame due to either gender race or appearance on something they love( calling you out body shaming other cosplayers people as well as any other fandom) if a women loves tony stark due to how complex he is in the comics and not his looks let her! If a guy likes mlp let him! I shouldn't be tested for something I loved since the age of 6! No one should. Besides what if the fellow fan your shaming becomes a famous comic artist and bans you from reading it due to calling them fake? Every fan of all kinds should be cherished and loved :3 there's no way of getting rid of he fake ones other then it not being popular so we gotta suck it up and just accept them anyways and not label others by them.
A note for my fellow comic fans
This is a mini rant about fake female comic fans. Being a comic artist myself feel it is important to put this message across:3 thank you for understanding
Look at me? I will never pass for a perfect lover, or a perfect teammate. Can it be? I was worthless from the start? Now I see, if I watch and listen I can be some use, not in ways that I have hoped.  Who is this girl I see? Staring straight through this glass. Why is this reflection, not who I am?  No way that I can hide, how I feel, though I've tried. When will I be able to tell, how I feel, inside?
Broadway roxy- feel inside
This is a cover song to disneys reflections mixed with homestuck to bring you a song that would cover a bit on how roxy would've felt when sobor back in act 6 . I didn't say who she wants to tell her feelings to so that's open to anyone. Please credit me before using it though

( dr who fandom i am putting one of your themes songs here for this) 

there still going one(and any other fandoms i didnt listed and want to try out let me know) and the positions are:
homestuck fandom: dango117
dr who fandom:
sherlock fandom: 
adventure time fandom:
supernatural fandom: 
hetalia fandom: 
and ant others i have forgotten. as for how to try out is
1) conatact me on this jounals comment section
2) try to act out as the postion you want in either one of these scenarios:
a) if you were to interact with the other fandoms how would you react meeting them?
b) if your current fandom status was not the greatest how would you react/ if your fandom was on hitatus?
any in which ever your comfortable playing as.
3) if you get the part i will contact you in notes and put your name on the position so it will be taken. 

due to me only expiranced in trying out as parts in theater it will take me a bit to judge but at the same time having theater expirance means i can look at things pretty well and can see in charecter and out of charecter things due to rping with my secound morail alot(she has the personality like hetalia i swear >.>)
when you are picked you are free to pratice your part in this chatroom which will also be our weekly meetup site:…

i already posted my intro there as well as what will happen if theres harassing in the building as well in the chatroom.

but until then i wish you all luck and as soon as we are all set we can scedule weekly fun role play sessions where we can all gather and have fun! 

til then ill see you there
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dango117 has started a donation pool!
6 / 1,000
this donation is going for the autistic angels. i figured this group would need it more then me so as a way of helping spread knowledge of autism, helping autistics unite, and basically pass it forward. this will be a great help for you guys to do not to mention bring a big help at the same time. :)

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Rebecca Wilson
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United States
hello visitor!,
I'm an artistic derp women and not afraid to show it!. i have a burning passion for anything humorous, nature, comics/fandoms, the arts and writing. i try to do my best to help others as well as trying to be a shoulder to a friend who needs it. i am autistic so i might be obvious sometimes but that doesnt stop me for the casual goals of letting these passions turn into a career and settle down with a family someday. its a pleasure to meet you and hope you stick around :)

<center style="font-family: Times New Roman, Times, serif; font-size: 1.20em; font-weight: bold; color: #d75116;">Certificate: Test results</center>
<center style="font-family: Times New Roman, Times, serif; font-size: 1.20em; font-weight: bold; color: #d75116;">Which My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Character are you?</center>

1001You are........Pinkie Pie! You always see the bright side in everything! You are always cheery! You also love to party and make everypony especially your friends smile! Your Element of Harmony is Laughter!
out of the alpha kids most like:You are most like Jake! You'd much rather go out adventuring and see new things than watch tv all day (although you do like the occasionaladventure movie with an attractive blue skinned lady or spidergirl). You aren't very assertive and are socially clueless. You're kind of dense, and don't understand the hints people give in conversations about how they must feel. Maybe it's because you don't spend a lot of time around people. You enjoy being alone and, for this reason, you are unintentionally self-centered. Just remember to keep your friends in mind and clue in to social hints!
trollwise:You got Karkat, his ancestor is the sufferer or the sign less who was executed for the mutant color of his blood.
Karkat is angry almost all the time, his anger stems from the great anger of his long passed ancestors anger as he was executed.

out of the beta kids:Jade
Congratulations, you are a Jade! You are adorable and fun-loving. Your friendly nature attracts a lot of friends, and although you try to be kind to everyone, you only have a few really close friends whom you would do anything for. You spend a lot of time alone, however, pursuing your various hobbies, which include gardening, playing bass guitar, and engaging in a completely innocent furry fandom. You love cute things, like Squiddles, and you are definitely a dog person. There is more to you than sunshine and rainbows, though- you are scary talented with a gun (though you are not an advocate of violence) and you notice a lot of things about the world that most other people do not. You are a very quirky, unique person.

nightvale wise:

Congrats! You are Cecil! You are very passionate, caring, and a good public speaker. You can sometimes let your temper get the best of you, but usually it's just in defense of those you love. You are a people person, but not annoyingly so. Lots of people love you, so keep doing... whatever it is you're doing!

for supernatural fans wondering what species i am.....
Not quite little Mr. or Ms. Perfect, but definitely near the mark! Angels are known for their wisdom and leadership skills. While sometimes they're stereotyped as innocent and naive, in reality, they've seen it all. As an angel, you tend to react to difficult situations in the best way you know possible. If you see someone doing something that could endanger them, you're totally honest and do whatever you can to help. You strive your best at everything you attempt and aim to produce high-quality work. Best of all, you're content with your character - sweet, honest, brave, and almost perfect!


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